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Top Tech Items for Your Laptop Bag

If you’re getting ready to travel, or just want to have every tech item under the sun at a coffee shop, this list contains everything you could ever want to bring in your laptop bag!

USB cables It’s never a bad thing to be prepared to charge someone’s device. Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, heck, even the 30-pin Apple cable and Mini USB.
- USB hub A USB hub can be one of the most useful tech items. You can charge multiple devices, plug in multiple flash drives, and a lot more!
- USB power brick Continuing the USB theme, a USB power brick is great to have with you to charge devices.
- USB extension cable Some USB connectors can block you from using the other USB ports on your laptop. If this ever happens, USB extension to the rescue!
- Ethernet cable This is not very common nowadays, but it still happens: You check into your hotel, and pull out your laptop, ready to connect to the internet. But then you realize… There’s no WiFI! You have to plug your laptop into the Ethernet jack in the wall.
- OTG adapters Ever needed to plug a keyboard, mouse, or flash drive into your phone, or needed to use your tablet to charge your phone? Look no further, OTG adapter to the rescue!
- Headphones Need to listen to music or watch a video in a crowded place? It’s never a bad thing to bring headphones or earbuds with you.
- Power bank It’s happening. You watch in horror as your phone’s battery life slowly gets lower and lower, closer to 0%… You frantically glance around, but there are no outlets to be seen! What do you do? Yup, that’s where the power bank comes in!
- USB mouse Some people swear by their touchpads, but I prefer a nice USB mouse.
- Video cables and adapters Especially if you do a lot of presentation, it’s not a bad thing to have video cables and adapters with you. Make sure you have HDMI/DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort to VGA, as most projectors still use VGA.

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