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Nmoleo’s List of Things to Do When Bored

If you’re like me, you’re often stuck with nothing to do :/

Here’s a list I created. I should update it when I think of other things to do.

- Organize your files. There’s almost always time to organize your digital files. It can make your computer faster in some cases.
- Perform a clean install of Windows. It usually takes a few hours, but makes your computer run a lot faster than before!
- Make your own YouTube video
- Import your music into Spotify. I really love Spotify! You can import your own music into Spotify and stream it to all your devices, or stream songs you don’t own.
- Browse Amazon and eBay. You don’t have to have any money to do this, nor do you have to buy anything.
- Learn a programming language
- Take a free online course
- Contribute to Wikipedia, WikiHow, or any other wiki/tutorial site.
- Contribute to Google Maps. You can submit information about places on Google Maps, including business hours, websites, and even pictures of the location.
- Create your own subreddit
- Upgrade your computer or swap similar components with a friend
- Clear out your inbox

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